Friday, December 18, 2009

Shopping in Paris - Discover more.

Where to Shop in Paris:

The Paris is very famous for its museums and monuments but shopping is also one of the main reasons why people from the entire World came here. There is a huge increase in the visitors coming to Paris especially for shopping. In this post I am going to introduce our Magazine readers about few shopping places where they can make most of their available time and money.

  • Faubourg Saint-Honore: This is the place which is known for its Paris design and its fashion. This place is a home to designers like Versace, Hermes and Yves Saint Laurent. You can also find other boutiques like for example Colette.

  • Paris Department Stores District – Boulevard Haussmann: The department stores in Paris are very famous all round the world. For example you might hear about Galleries Lafayette and Printemps department stores which rule the Boulevard Haussmann. These stores are home to designer collections for men as well as women. You can also hang out at this place for very good food shopping as well.

  • The Marais: The Marais is a one of the historic shopping place for world travelers. You can find unique crafted material here. If you are an art lover then this is the right place to visit while you are roaming in Paris. You can also shop here for Jewelry at the boutiques like Satellite.

These are the few places where you can go out for shopping in Paris but there are so many other places in where you can go out for shopping. You can find more information about Paris, like what to see in Paris and where to stay in Paris in our magazine. Please browse through our magazine for more information about Paris and other places from around the world.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

100K Jobs Review

Hi friends!

Today I am going to to review about a jobs portal which provides real time job in 100K category. The website I am going to review is somewhat different from other 100k websites available on the internet. This website is not at free and you need to pay some money to getting started with this website. They do not offer free service as they are offering something different from regular website on the internet. This website provides real time jobs from real employers rather then job boards. You can view thousand of job on Theladders and so on. The Ladder website provides excellent 100K Jobs through out america.

Ladders also provides unique career guidance tips from time to time to its users. You can browse through the website for great career guidance on 100K jobs. This website is mostly used by graduates from best schools of america. Most of the applicants got their high paying jobs from reputed companies in the world. You can try this website for free trial as well to taste the water. But I recommend you to sign up for this website as this is most promising 100K jobs provider website on the internet today.

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A. Harrison Barnes Review

Why I Like the A. Harrison Barnes Website
Hello friends! Today I am going to introduce you to inspiring website for job seekers. The website is run by A.Harrison Barnes, the website deals with career building and career advise. There is tons of information available on the website that will help job seekers to get a good job easily. Its very hard this days to find real jobs on the internet. However, this website run byHarrison is a very useful in getting the right jobs in the market. His website posts daily useful articles on career and self-improvement. Its very handy for a person to be prepared before facing any interview so that he will be successful in it.

He also runs "a. harrison barnes Employment Crossing" website which provides real jobs for jobs seekers. The website provides real time jobs from real time employers rather than job boards. There is a 7 Day free trail also available on the Employementcrossing website to try it once. The website provides job search advice as well for students. In opinion and with my person experience with this website you will always get best fruits rather than wasting time on fake website which does not help. So friends give a try to this website and I hope you will have a nice time there learning new things about career from Harrison.