Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Avoid Computer Slowdown

“Prevention is better than cure“is what applies to computers here. The main aim of this guide is to provide basic steps to avoid computer slowdowns. The major problem in today’s computer industry is viruses and spyware. It is advisable to user secure browsers like Mozilla Firefox which comes with in build security for spyware and adware. And it is also advisable for you not to open mail from strangers.

Here comes the list to avoid computer slowdowns.

· Everyday new viruses are born so its better to have good anti-virus software is installed. And make sure that you update the same with latest virus definitions.
· Most of free software available online comes with spyware or adware which makes things worse. Spyware and adware makes system very slow. Get anti-spyware software and make sure you scan your system daily with it.
· Always try to delete the temporary files as it will make the computer run at high speed.
· Always defrag your hard disk on regular intervals.
· Make sure you back up your important data regularly, incase there is no chance of recovery if system fails.

Conclusion: We can conclude that by following the above steps we can cut shot the chances of computer slowdown and making the system run faster.



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